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The collaborative learning map

Loops brings your learning objectives together in visual maps designed to engage your team members and make learning collaborative.

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Use Loops to

Create learning journeys, introduce and enable change, orientate new team members, stimulate new ideas, and provide transparency by visualizing strategy.

With Loops, you create a shared vision through shared narratives to build and strengthen your organization’s identity and culture.

“Loops contains the collected competence of so many teachers for you to utilize!”

Patricia Diaz, one of 800 teachers forming Loops

Loops is built by us, a team of teachers and learning nerds together with another 800 teachers informing every pixel and line of code.

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Map maker

Map the big picture.
Design the route.
Start the journey.

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Quiz, Group assignment, Article, Glossary, Terminology quiz, Q&A, Notice-board, Task, Logbook, Evaluation

An expressive toolset of learning activities to create engaging maps.

“Loops is visually powerful! It’s not just a tool that facilitates learning. It’s a way to understand learning and plays and important role in introducing change”

Nick Dakin, Nordea


Unlock your team’s knowledge and invite them as co-creators. New inventions will follow.


Anywhere in a loop where there’s people, you can talk by text, video, rocket emojis and uploaded files. Talk is great, but what about action someone said.


Reshape, adapt and improve your loops to stay relevant.

With Remix, team mates and colleagues can take any loop and improve it from their perspective. Ongoing action taking place.

Progress tracker

Act on actual learning progress throughout the loop and rewrite your map while moving.


Build a library of loops to inspire a new learning culture

With your own space of engaging loops and the ability to copy and Remix them, you’ve built the foundation for a curious learning culture that makes everyone not only eager to learn new skills, but also to pass them along and teach others.

This is the key to a thriving learning culture, when everyone onboard becomes a teacher.

Built by us for scale

Hosted for scale and a team who built Loops from the first pixel and line of code.

Enjoy full support for SSO through Saml 2.0. You manage your teams passwords and security routines.

Sharing with the right people? Restrict access to your organisation to only friends with the right email.

Audit logs? All actions taken on your account are logged and properly tagged for traceability.


How will team members make time for learning?


How do team members stay engaged over time?

Loops in a nutshell

Create engaging learning maps

Rally your people in a collaborative space

Move your ideas foward by reshaping loops together

Co-invent a new curious learning culture

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