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This is a summary of the key functions and reasons of being for Loops as a product. Get technical and read up on all the bits that create what we consider to be an inspiring digital learning environment.


The loop

Go from zoomed out to zoomed in in seconds. Create a learning journey through a map of fascinating content, gather knowledge and connect the dots. Become an active participant with instant, asynchronous communication. Work with learners and co-teachers, tracking progress and achievements as you explore the map together.

Life Long learning

Build sustainable learning within the organization capturing the tacit knowledge for serious growth and future development. Loops facilitates collaborative learning that unlocks your team's knowledge, enables it to be remixed, reproduced, reimagined and evolved as your team and organisation grows smarter.


Your employees are your organisation's most important asset. Help them grow into the role of teachers to each other through recurring dialogue and shared learning. Based on a decentralised, empowering collaborative model with the motto “each one teach one.

Friction sparks progress

Learning isn't easy, we are fully aware of that. That's also what makes it extra fun. When it gets a bit tricky is when you really grow. Focus on the process and not only the final product. That’s what really matters to promote learning.


Collects the nodes in a structured way so that all content in the subject area is as clear as possible. You assign every hub a headline and place 1-8 nodes in orbit around it. A hub could be completely open, accessible y code, or completely locked at the start. Try experimenting with gamification to deeper learning! 🎮


In Loops you find 10 different nodes that you can place in orbit around your hubs. They symbolize various different activities that the participants will partake in during their learning journey.

Nodes - The building blocks



This is a versatile one. In an Article node the participant consumes information through a mix of various content like text, video and/or links, without having to perform a task. You could write the text yourself, or straight up copy and paste it from a site, textbook or study. Always respect copyright restrictions though, don't be a bad guy. Make the learning process more fun by adding pictures, video and other types of content. Pasting a video link in an article node creates an embedded video automagically for added mixed-media flair! 



This is where you highlight and explain important concepts and terminology. Use it to ensure that the participants know of and understand all of the specific terms, abbreviations and general lingo of your organisation and the loop.

💡 Pro tip!
Create easy going participant activation with the help of a Terminology quiz somewhere along the learning journey. This freshens the memory of terms an abbreviations while still traveling through the loop.



Pretty straightforward. This is where you create questions with pre-defined answers in a scrambled list. A quiz can be utilized as a check-in, repetition or a sort of "test of knowledge" before entering a new project or area of work.

💡 Pro tip!
You decide if the participant will be able to take the quiz more than once.


Terminology quiz

You can easily generate a Terminology quiz based on any glossary you have created in a loop. Simply choose the specific glossary you want to base the quiz on in the drop-down list inside the terminology quiz node, and voilá!

💡 Pro tip!
The Glossary quiz is a great way to drive interaction and engagement by testing the participants knowledge of important terminology and abbreviations.

Frågor och svar


When you have multiple questions you want answered wether they are brief or more extensive ones, it gets a lot easier for the participant to answer them in the Questions & Answers node (Q&A). Here, every question gets assigned a specific number, which also makes it easier for you as a facilitator to feedback each submitted answer. Win-win!


Group assignment

In this node the participants get a shared space to collaborate in groups. They can gather and share assets in preparation for an upcoming workshop or assignment, share notes, or why not summarize thoughts and reflections from an earlier process.

💡 Pro tip!
Remember that it is your responsibility as a facilitator to define the groups and assign the participants to them. This needs to be done before the anyone can enter a group assignment in the loop.


Notice board

Here, every participant gets an individual space on the board to share their thoughts on a given topic. They can post videos, join in the planning of the next step of the loop, or just share their most recent favorite GIF. Everyone can comment on the notice board posts. It's a great place to openly give and receive feedback, or why not solve a problem together? In this node all voices are heard equally.

💡 Pro tip!
Use the notice board to invite the participants to influence the contents of the loop, and in extension their own learning process, in a very hands-on way.



This is a place for one-to-one communication. In the assignment node you create an individual task or assignment, which in this case means that only you in the role of facilitator can see the individual answer. It is not viewable to any other participants in the loop. Submissions and feedback can, as always be given through whichever digital media you prefer.

💡 Pro tip!
The assignment node is particularly handy when dealing with more extensive assignments where you might want, and need, to give individual responses to the participants.



The log is primarily built to shed light on the learning process, for the participant as well as the facilitator, and give the participant a space to ponder their process. The participant gets to describe their efforts, reflections and decisions in multiple steps and in a clear way. As a facilitator you can see what the participant posts at every occasion, and have the opportunity to give relevant feedback all through the learning journey.

💡 Pro tip!
Use the log to examine how the integration process into the organization looks from the perspective of a new employee in the midst of the onboardingprocess.



Here, the participants reflect on their own learning and the loop by answering any questions you include in the node. Make sure to add this node type, you might just get some real valuable feedback as an employer, or designer of digital learning.

💡 Pro tip!
Use the evaluation node to discern just how pleased the participant is with the loop and their learning. Did they find everything they needed for the learning in the loop? What could have been done better?


Connect in your own way

Tap record to send a video, write a short sentence, record a voice memo or write a poem, the choice is yours. By using media that fits the situation the communication gets richer and more inclusive. Loops encourage communication and makes it easy to engage with the material.

Formative feedback

Just writing up an answer to a question does not make great learning happen, it’s the loops that do it. By creating lightweight feedback loops proficiency grows in layers shaping a foundation for deeper understanding of the subject that keep all parties at their best.

Create a common language

Language is power. Create a shared understanding for easier distribution of knowledge inside your organisation, that facilitates and enhances your own as well as others learning through peer-to-peer communication. Move beyond the physical space and build bridges between learners by breaking out of the organisational chart and building a learning network inside the organisation.



Learning is about commitment. Venture out, connect the dots and mark out a learning journey utilizing your own knowledge. Highlight what’s important and guide others through the map on the road to understanding. Elevate yourself from passive consumer to producer of digital content and share it with your colleagues and the rest of the world. Challenges like these are a hotbed for brilliance.

Visualized learning

Help learners retain and continuously expand their knowledge with a tool that fully unleashes your creativity. Enhance existing learning journeys or shape brand new worlds offering the learner multiple ways to navigate the roadmap and experience the content.

Add, enhance and reap the benefits of collaboration

Collaboration fuels great content, no matter if you create asynchronously or in the same room. Remix and enhance your organisation's shared content for heightened learning. Design side by side or divide the work and streamline your creation process.