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Curiosity makes you grow

We’ve seen it happen in 3-people teams. We’ve seen it a happen in governments. A curious learning culture makes everyone not only eager to learn new skills, but also to teach others.

This is what we believe is one of the keys to a thriving learning culture, when everyone onboard becomes a teacher.

Stay with change

After helping major businesses and more than a million Swedish school children digitising their learning we’ve learned that in order to evolve, we have to deal with constant change. Loops brings 10 years of changemaking and design of digital learning into a product built to change the way we learn together.

Your own team of learning experts

We know that many organisations face unique challenges in their metamorphosis into a learning organisation. Today we are more than 100 people working to improve all aspects of the learning ecosystem.

Our team loves challenges and can help you through the transformation. Talk to Martin to get started!

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